Scaling Your Business using AI To Uncover Buying Signals

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used across more industries than ever before. We consult with C level executives and high caliber founders of AI powered technology startups on growth strategies.  In addition,  bringing predictive analytics to marketing to unlock the benefits of using AI  as a way for business developers to uncover buying signals. The technology makes it easier to read data and predict purchasing needs so that businesses can be more successful. As you learn about buyer intent, you have the ability to build yourself pipeline and generate more leads.

Establish Target Ideal Customer Profile

It can often be difficult to establish your target ideal customer profile. While you may have a general idea of who your buyers are, you need to build models that provide more reliable data. From there, you will be able to target new and different demographics as a way to establish a broader audience for your business. You can also prioritize your database in order to focus on specific demographics when marketing products and services.

Once you have established your target demographics, artificial intelligence will be able to uncover more of the buying signals. You can determine when someone is more likely to purchase so that you can nurture the leads. Often, leads are ignored within businesses. Or, sales departments are spending too much time on leads that have a very low desire to actually buy.

Identify the Sales Funnel

Within the sales funnel, you will have various types of leads. Some people will be gathering information with the intent to purchase right away. Other people will be gathering information with the idea to purchase much further down the road. You don’t want to spend too much time or money on the leads who aren’t interested in purchasing right away. You want people who are active. Additionally, you want to make sure that your lead nurturing programs are effective and specifically targeted.

By using artificial intelligence, you will be able to gain intent-driven insights so that your marketing is relevant. You can learn more about your demographics and their intent to buy. The computer will decipher all of the data so that you don’t spend days looking at reports from various sources.

By utilizing a CRM platform alongside AI, you can get the most out of your data. You can establish new marketing tactics based on analytics as opposed to a gut feeling. This can help you to improve your return on investment while helping your leads to navigate the sales funnel closer to the sale.

Gather More Intel

One of the best ways to use AI when gathering leads is to use predictive factors. For example, you need artificial intelligence to comb the data so that you know whether their phone number is valid, they have interest based on what they have been searching for, and whether they have completed the lead generation form on your website. There may be data coming in from a variety of different directions – and the intent data will tell you more about what you need to know.  One of the key elements is using the profiles of buyers using machine learning and matching it to prospects. This will ensure that your sales team is actively targeting the best leads. It will allow you to generate more quality leads while being able to increase the percentage of leads that you are able to convert into a paying customer.

By constantly accessing more reliable data, and processing large volumes of data, you will be able to reap the benefits of marketing to people who want to buy. You can communicate more effectively with targeted marketing campaigns and provide better customer service. Additionally, you can generate more leads by being able to understand the pain points of your target demographic.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the ability to change the way that you generate leads and market. You simply need to use a platform that embraces the technology. Contact Birst Group today to learn more about buying signals for your startup.

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