How to get your business funded in Silicon Valley

The Start-up, at least a successful one is the dream of almost every kid in college today, as well as most angel investors and entrepreneurs. To be a part of the next big idea is an exciting and potentially very profitable goal. Part of that excitement comes from the rush of that new idea as it takes off and how that happens is the mystery that new investors need so desperately to solve in order for that idea to become the next big thing.

Figuring out how markets and ideas move is easier in the digital torrent of information at our fingertips this minute than it was even in the recent past. The greatest contemporary example of this is the modern Venture Capitalist, or VC in Silicon Valley and his or her use of the digital to move and market ideas more effectively than has ever been done before, developing a new approach to marketing that has people with money and intention not just seeking out products and approaches, new methods and innovations, but actually finding them and if not precisely what they are seeking, then finding people who can direct them to, or create themselves, exactly what those people need. Simply put, the VC in today’s successful marketplace is selling startup dreams by providing relevant, practical content to people who are looking for it with professional intention driving them and serious profits in mind.

Startups that have VC’s backing are following that powerful example more and more. Here is why that is important.

  • Credibility. VC’s worked hard to develop trusted relationships between themselves and the startups and angel investors they work with. They did it with tools like content marketing and practical offerings of legitimate tools that startups and investors both saw value in, often for no charge, recognizing that doing so allowed them to demonstrate expertise and take their place on the market with their reputation established and their professionalism fully realized. Today’s on-point startups are following suit with blogs and example videos showing potential buyers possibilities they had never imagined before freely and openly, essentially planting their digital flags on emerging industry.
  • Value. The most effective startups are sharing something of value in the digital marketplace. these aren’t just cool videos of what they can do, they are engineering the imaginations of clients by showing them applications or unexpected benefits as well, engaging buyers hopes and dreams for the future and providing a sometimes much need breath of enthusiasm to an old process or product.
  • Community. The publishing and broadcast of these ideas and applications across the Internet, which today means for the most part to the world, also generate interactions that are of enormous value. When engineers and innovators of traditionally unrelated fields can see each other’s ideas online and imagine the new possibilities they might provide for one another’s industries whole new worlds and points of sale open up for all parties involved. Also vital, though often underappreciated, is the inspiration this open sharing of information provides for new endeavors.

Todays VC’s have done a lot of the legwork in cracking open this new approach to marketing, and it could fairly be argued, almost all of the heavy lifting in that regard as well, so it is no surprise that promising VC-backed startups themselves would make use of these new approaches to the old school of marketing.

At Birst Group Marketing, the new world of digital marketing is one we are well prepared to guide you and your stech business through, with all the attention, practical knowledge backed by decades of expereicne  you need to accelerate to the next phase of your adventure.



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