3 VC Backed Tech Startups Using Digital Marketing To Drive Success

As a startup, it is often difficult to carve out a niche in an oversaturated market. With so many competing companies, of varying sizes, it might seem difficult to find a way to truly establish a position in the marketplace in the beginning.

However, thanks to the rapid ascent of digital marketing, this endeavor has become somewhat easier. For young, lean startups, digital marketing is the perfect investment because it evens the playing ground with other companies. Moreover, it is a relatively low-cost measure compared to traditional advertising methods and tends to yield tangible and actionable results.

Here are some examples of tech start-ups that are successfully using digital media to drive success and gain visibility and exposure within the marketplace.

  • Operator

Operator is a relatively new app, designed to make life easier for purchasing. Think of it as an assistant of sorts for any upcoming purchases. Once it is installed, you are able to connect with someone who has expertise in that area, and they will help you make an informed purchasing decision.Operator has established a foothold in the marketplace mainly through social media marketing, and coupled with their willingness for out-of-the-box solutions, it has helped them make a name for themselves. Besides their constant stream of content on multiple platforms, they have also differentiated themselves through their usage of alternative customer service options. Their customer service is directly integrated with Facebook Messenger, making it far more streamlined and efficient compared to other customer service options.

  • Sumome

Sumome works to provide a variety of different tools, all with the intent of increasing website traffic for its customers. However, one of its biggest accomplishments is its quick rise and their ability to reach over a billion people…despite only being around since 2014.

All of their success in that arena is attributed to their digital marketing strategy – more specifically, their content marketing strategy. Sumome was able to tap into this trend quick, and leverage it to showcase what makes them unique. By combining case studies and traditional content with more interactive offerings, such as workshops, Sumome is able to strike a key balance: digitally market while still providing value. This combination helps them sell their own products, while still being able to truly provide valuable information to its customers and followers.

  • Namely

Namely is a company that aims to automate Human Resources for companies. This is accomplished by promising a management system for payroll, benefits and talent management, and thereby making life easier for human resources professionals everywhere.

Despite being a relatively new player in the field, Namely has quickly carved out a niche for itself within the space and is doing extremely well, even while being in an overcrowded market. Again, this accomplishment can be traced back to its digital marketing efforts, and their dedication to providing robust content for its existing clients and visitors.

Namely uses a combination of different methods in their strategy. Not only do they provide informative blogs, whitepapers, they also work to become an expert in their field with other forms of content. In fact, they currently have another subset of their website entitled HR News. The latter is solely dedicated to providing timely and relevant content related to national updates in compliance and other legislative efforts.

This is effective because it positions them as a subject matter expert in the field via consistent content, but also gives users the opportunity to become return visitors and keep up with their news. Their digital marketing efforts are rooted in both social media usage, as well as content creation to create a truly powerful strategy.

Ultimately, digital marketing is one of the strongest ways to market while still keeping an eye on costs. By creating valuable content, and maintaining a social media presence, a startup can easily root themselves and start engaging with users while still building the overall business.

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