How Digital Marketing Helps Tech Companies Gain Market Share

Digital marketing consumes a significant portion of companies marketing budgets. When tech companies dive into the digital marketing realm, precision is fundamental. Gaining market share for SaaS software via digital marketing requires research and knowledge not only for the intended audience but the platform in which the content is placed. Not all digital marketing platforms are created equal, just as not all consumers approach the buying decision uniformly.

It is reported that a high percentage of revenue comes from existing SaaS customers. a full 80% of all future revenue will come from just a fraction (20%) of your current customers. If you increase your customer retention by only 5%, you can increase your business’s profitability by 75%.

Generating marketing content for SaaS software as a service solution requires a different undertaking than say, service for home repair. Offering free products or samples is not an option. However, offering simple yet information rich content, webinars, and free demos is what gains new customers from digital marketing strategies. Customers want to know your SaaS software will provide them with a solution. They want the data and information about your software before they receive a demo or spend time listening to any sales techniques.

The internet is crowded with social media platforms and channels in which businesses may place their advertising. But, which is best for a service such as SaaS software?


LinkedIn is a great place for companies to reach other businesses and consumers. The content provided on LinkedIn is highly trustworthy. The platform is one of the first social media channels in wich companies search for tech solutions.

Video advertising

Customers enjoy seeing a demo in action. Placing video with content about the SaaS software and a demo of exactly how the software will provide answers is satisfying. The SaaS market is highly competitive, therefore providing high-quality video content that is directed to a specific audience provides such a high return.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions will increase the visibility of ads placed on search engines, such as Google. The extensions include a link for a demo, app download, listing price, and any other information a customer might request if they are interested in obtaining more information about the software.


Everyone has email. Email marketing reaches the furthest and provides the widest range of content. Consumers want to feel in control. Email provides this because the information is placed in front on them, supplying information that is consumable at the customer’s pace. The audience in which the emails are sent can be gathered by the leads one possess or current clients.

The average open rate for the SaaS companies surveyed ranged anywhere from 7-38%. Depending on the size of your list, a 7% open rate could be a huge success. The average click-through rate was anywhere from 1-9%. If you think of a list of 5,000 contacts, that could equate to 50-450 people clicking on your call to action in the email, giving them the opportunity to raise their hand showing they are interested.

Because SaaS software is not tangible does not denote a need for absence in digital marketing, but yields opportunity through new methods. Even revitalizing old channels, such as email, will supply new leads. Consumers are always searching for new solutions for their software needs. Companies only need to become creative and precise in their content when placing it on the digital platforms.

To see the most return on investment using digital marketing for your SaaS campaign; research your audience, research the platforms, and create unique, informative content. Funnel each lead down the marketing process until the consumer is satisfied the SaaS software will provide them with a solution.

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