5 Blogs to Follow for Digital Marketing Trends and Success

Sometimes, all it takes to become an expert is to learn from an expert. That’s certainly true in digital marketing, where a number of companies and individuals have made a name for themselves to be the best at their craft.

Fortunately, these brands are not afraid to share their expertise with business owners looking to improve their online presence. Especially if you still consider yourself a marketing novice, you can benefit from reading these blogs and applying their lessons to your own efforts. Following the below 5 blogs can help you understand current trends in digital marketing and increase the success of your own efforts.

1) HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Blog

Inbound marketing describes the process of turning your website into the central hub of your digital marketing efforts. Through relevant content, SEO, and social media efforts, you can attract a sizable audience ready to convert to leads for more targeted efforts. Today, inbound marketing has become one of the most popular (and successful) digital strategy approaches available.

In the inbound marketing realm, no one outshines HubSpot. The marketing automation platform has been credited by inventing and streamlining the philosophy, and it continues to educate both novice and expert marketers about it on its blog. Here, you can read tips and advice on anything from increasing your followers on Twitter to optimizing your lead generation.

2) Moz’s SEO Blog

The popular SEO tool also offers one of the most popular search engine optimization resources available in its blog. Founder Rand Fishkin and his team of self-proclaimed SEO wizards share a seemingly unending stream of valuable content that ranges from optimization best practices to recent trends and developments, and even predictions about the future of the concept.

For any business owner interested in being found via search engines (read: any marketer), this blog is a must-follow. This post on a recent Google algorithm update, which covers everything from the update itself to its history and implications, showcases the blog’s value perfectly.

3) Neil Patel’s Conversion Blog

It’s difficult to educate yourself about digital marketing and not come across Neil Patel. The founder of industry tools and resources from Quick Sprout to KISSMetrics also consults with companies as illustrious as Amazon and NBC on their digital marketing needs.

On his own website, Patel focuses on one thing above all: content that leaves nothing on the table. Each post is as long as other experts’ whitepapers, going into depth on supporting research and statistics that help business owners optimize their strategy for conversions. For an example, check out this post on maximizing Ecommerce sales through email marketing which covers everything from building your list to segmentation, messaging, and more.

4) WordStream’s PPC Blog

WordStream is a digital advertising agency that focuses on pay-per-click advertising. As a result, it has built a level of expertise on the subject that few others can match. Fortunately, the agency has decided to share that expertise in the form of its blog.

WordStream’s blog offers a constant value stream for anyone interested in spending some money on Google, Facebook, or other digital ads. It covers everything from lowering your PPC costs to various tests you can run to optimize your ads for mobile devices.

5) Buffer’s Social Media Blog

Looking for expertise focused on social media networks? If so, you can find it at Buffer. The social media scheduling tool has turned itself into a core resource for anyone looking to grow their brand and business presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Are you looking to get verified on Twitter? Here’s how you can do that. Curious about the effectiveness of Facebook groups? Here’s the story of one entrepreneur who used them to grow his business. From Instagram tipsto the ideal Pinterest frequency, even niche businesses can find all the information they need to succeed on social media.

Of course, these are just a few of the countless digital marketing blogs available to help you learn about the industry and get ahead. Around every corner, another expert is eager to share their expertise with you. Once you have verified their credibility, don’t be afraid to use their content to grow your knowledge and optimize your content.

Some of the biggest and most successful names in the industry have recognized the value of sharing their expertise. Taking advantage of that fact can help you improve your digital marketing efforts, recognize trends as they happen, and maximize your success in increasing audience awareness of your business everywhere.

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