Consulting Services to help grow your company

If you need a partner with expertise, network, and years of experience, you've found the right place


Our operating executives can play a key role on your team to help you articulate the market opportunity, product fit, team, solutions, future growth, and financials for the next stage of growth.

Marketing Strategy

We provide the communications expertise and put a plan together for you to stand out in a highly competitive environment.

Sales Support

Whether you need help hiring, training, enablement, managing your in-house sales team, or want to outsource your business development, we’re here to help.


You can leverage our extensive database of senior executives to extend your management team while implementing new strategic initiatives and as part of a merger or acquisition.


If you are looking to fill open positions or expanding in the future, we help source and find the best resources possible. We provide you access to more qualified candidates than you’d otherwise get.

Talent Acquisition

Our team of recruiters are skilled in bringing the top candidates together with your company though screening, conducting interviews, and performing background and referral checks.

We Can Engage at Any Stage

No matter where you are in your journey, from early stage startup to established company seeking expansion, we are here to provide support in any way possible. At Birst Group, we are part of your team helping to scale your business and reach your next big milestone.




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